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F3 Mr Funnel Water Separator and Fuel Filter

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Product Features:
  • Filters and removes debris from any fuel
  • Filters and removes Water from Fuel
  • Can be used with Dingies, outboard engines and Generators
  • Will help protect your engine and maintain reliability
Price: £19.95
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The F3 fuel filter is rated at delivering 3.9 gallons per minute of filtered fuel. With the average size fuel tank for a generator, dingy or boat this would work ideal. It is a convenient size that can be stowed away on board easily and strong enough to withstand the day to day riggers on board. Very effective and would be an essential part of your on board tool kit.

Height 22.9cm

Diameter 14cm

Filters out all debris and contaminants like rust, sand, grit and also water from hydrocarbon – petrol, diesel, 2 stroke fuel, aviation and also heating fuel.

HEIGHT            15.2 cm

DIAMETER        8.9 cm

FLOW RATE     10L / minute

A genuine patented product manufactured in the USA.