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Boat and Marine Wireless Crew Intercom

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Product Features:
  • Completely Hands-free long-range intercom
  • Easy to use Duplex intercom
  • No need to shout – Communicate with ease with your Crew
  • Ideal for Docking, Close Quarters, Anchoring and Locks
  • 100 plus metre range
  • Boat to Boat intercom or Boat to tender!
Price: from £99.00
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Can you imagine docking or mooring your boat with complete confidence, your crew on the bow and stern giving you clear concise feedback on your approach and proximity of other boats or pontoon fixtures. Poor Weather or distance between you and the crew prevents effective communication, inexperienced crew will gain confidence themselves by being able to receive clear instructions or answer questions for you. Having an excellent quality communication system on board your boat gives confidence and makes a lot of tricky manoeuvres much easier such as lock’s, new marinas or unfamiliar locations, bad weather, anchoring or mooring to a buoy.

The Boat intercom system can be paired to another device – making intercom between 2 people possible. The devices are worn either around the neck using a lanyard supplied or on the belt using the attached belt clip. It is slimline, lightweight and comfortable to wear, this is connected to the earpiece and microphone boom that allows you to listen and talk in full duplex mode to all parties – just like being on the telephone, hands free. The microphone has wind reduction technology which of course is perfect for boating! Waterproof bags are also available to wear around the users neck to protect against the device breaking in the water and remaining afloat.

Charging the unit is simple, it uses a USB cable and is charged very quickly via USB charging device or if you have a socket on board, or mains USB adapters.

For the marine or boating world, this is an excellent tool to have in the cupboard, both for leisure and narrow boats on the canal system. It really does prevent the need for shouting and encourages a calmer approach to communicating with your crew.

Think of the other practical uses it has – it’s perfect when cruising in company along rivers, canals or at sea – whilst VHF radio is available – this is not to be used for general conversations, but this Boat intercom can be used as much as you like. It can be employed if you ever need to tow another boat – or even use it between your main boat and the kids in the tender.

Specifications –

Radio Waves technology

Lightweight – Easy to use and Wireless communication

Small and easy to stow away on board

Long lasting battery giving hours of talk time

Uses rechargeable battery

Supplied with Intercom devices, earpiece, Microphone Boom, Instructions, USB Charge cable

Engineered with high performance plastic, lightweight and very tough

Full 12 Month warranty

Great crew intercom

I have been using this crew intercom for 10 days in while sailing in the Greek islands. It’s made our stern to mooring (Mediterranean style) very easy. Communication is so important. One of the most important things is the skipper must know how much chain is down and whether it’s holding. This intercom very easy to use, light, but substantial, and great quality. Also can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing. I prefer to clip it inside my top pocket with headset wiring tucked inside my shirt, avoiding wiring being caught on anything. I highly recommend this great bit of kit.

Boat & marine intercom


Dear See Marine, thank you for your prompt and friendly service !

We are using your intercom system on our Elling E4 motor yacht, the wife and I cruise the south coast and Channel islands .

We are almost always short handed . To have a reliable, robust intercom system which operates throughout the vessel is a great help , particularly in the busy Channel island ports where one can find ones self “ rafted up” with several yachts . It can be a real trail to get away under such conditions, communication is the key both to the well being of the crew and the success of the cruise!

In use the intercom is simple to operate and when clipped into its Velcro pocket is unobtrusive and instills confidence in the user.